Track inventory and make inventory management easy

Whatever be the volume of your inventory it can be easily handled using our software, you will get real time updation about all your inventory movements.

Always have an idea about bestselling and most profitable product lines

You will always get up to date information about movement of each stock, its cost, price and son on... This will help you to have clear cut understanding about fast moving and non-moving products, most profitable and less profitable products etc


Keep track of your quantity and value

Our inventory module will let you keep track of your stock levels and values on daily basis. Your stock movements will be updated using LIFO methods. This simple inventory module is good for Independent retailers and wholesalers, or service providers who sell retail products.

Make effortless updation and save your time

Get your inventory started in Agenter inventory module by quickly importing large numbers of inventory items from a spreadsheet. Use our simple CSV template for you to use.


Don’t get your inventory damaged

You can always have an eye on your inventory movements and keep track of fast moving inventories, slow moving inventories, non-moving inventories and so on

Don’t ever lose any sales due to lack of stock

You can set re order level for all your stock, ones the re-order level defined you will get notification to refill the stock when the stock reached at reorder level.


AgenterBooks offers you a one-year free tail, sign up now and explore endless features suite to your business needs.

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